facebook API – my opinion

Few months ago I saw an ad in agora.co.il that they are looking for facebook API programmer who can volunteer to write them a facebook app, called Agorapp. At that time i really wanted to learn FB API so i contact them and volunteer for the job. I meet they web-master (who is .net geek but very clever) , we made tiny roadmap what app should do and how it should look and then started to work. After few weeks we had beta version which worked almost without any bug. Today, this app is up and running at address: http://apps.facebook.com/agoraapp/ . They even put my name on front of app :)

All facebook experience was kinda ok. Good sides of writing facebook api are:

  • Very reach API
  • Easy to apply a code
  • Good PHP client

On another side:

  • Bad manual. Where is one wiki and it’s not updated
  • Restricted access to user (which is ok for user, not developer)
  • Very but very bad debugging
  • SLOW

The most worst is the speed cause when you surf from apps.fb.com fb server connects to your LAMP server and then communicate back to browser.  This can be very slow when your server is not in U.S.A.
Question is why don’t FB serve they own PHP application. I guess there is security involved or they want to get cheap on servers.

Anyhow after this task i had to write facebook connect for bibi. With this expiriance i wrote it after 5+ days. If i haven’t written agoraApp it could take me a weeks.

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