LPI-1 by myself

I decided to learn LPIC-2 and RHCE by myself. If you read previous post you’ll see how expensive courses are in Israel. Learning alone is always hard, it’s not easy as it’s in group but there are few benefits which i don’t know them at a moment.
I wish i can find more few blogs with same target as mine, having LPIC & RHCE, which could be very good practise for me.


Very good matterial for LPIC-1 is IBM docs (registration required) but they web site is really buggy for downloading and showing updated material. For example if you go to: lpic-1102 you’ll find material for topics: 103, 104, 110 missing but if you try from index site you’ll see it’s there. I also had a problem with logging into the site. Overall the web-site too buggy and hard to get used to.
But if you have any good free alternative material for LPIC please contact me and I’ll update here.

There is also few tutorials which are not free, like Cbt nuggets which is very good alternative if you’re lazy to read :) However, I’m used to read man pages so IBM docs is fine by me.

How LPIC is build?

LPIC is separated into two certification.

LPIC-1 certification is separated into two exams:

  1. exam 101
  2. exam 102

LPIC-2 is also separated as LPIC-1 into two exams:

  1. exam 201
  2. exam 202

So, bottom line is, if you want LPIC-2 you’ll need to have 4 exams which each of them costs about 100~150$. It’s little expensive so you got to learn very good before you take them.

I was looking for motivation for doing those certification alone so i decided to write at least once a week about the progress so maybe somebody will join me :) I’ll try to find material and questions to check myself and I’ll share my knowledge to the world. So next exam is 101 of LPIC-1 and expect next few posts about

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